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Understanding Sperm

Proceptin MAle Infertility Vitamins
Proceptin Male Infertility Vitamins
Proceptin Male Infertility Vitamins
Increase Sperm CountSpermatozoa comprise a unique group of cells in a man's body. Their job is to carry the genes of the male to the egg of the female. After penetrating the egg, the genes in the cell combine with those of the female. This creates the embryo that over a nine month period will develop into a child.

Sperm are constantly being created within the man's reproductive system and are susceptible to oxidative stress, environmental toxins and metabolic injuries. There are clear benefits to using a product that provides nutritional support for sperm function. Proceptin is a proprietary product that contains co-factors for cellular metabolism, as well as fat-soluble and water-soluble anti-oxidants which support sperm count, motility and morphology.

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