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Male Fertility

Increase Sperm Motility
Increase Sperm Motility
Increase Sperm Motility
Male Fertility: Questions and Answers

Fertilty Questions and Answers with Dr. Brody - What Causes Low or Unhealthy Sperm Counts

Approximately one out of six couples at any given time has difficulty with conception. Often overlooked, a male’s fertility can be a major factor in a couple’s struggle to achieve pregnancy.

In these couples four out of every ten men are likely to suffer from male infertility or sub-fertility. Infertility is defined as the inability to conceive after at least one year of intentional unprotected intercourse. Sub-fertility implies impairment or inefficiency rather than an absolute failure to conceive. This means the sperm is not up to the challenge of finding and fertilizing the egg and therefore need some assistance in this process.

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