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Sperm Cycle

Old sperm cells die off and new cells are created at a rate of about one percent each day. This means the entire sperm cycle requires approximately 100 days. The final 75 days represent a period of maturation for the sperm cell. This final step of sperm maturation, called "spermiogenesis", puts the fuel into the tank and completes the development of the sperm cell (spermatozoon).

During this 75 day period of maturation, sperm require large amounts of energy to fuel the mid-portion of the cell. Cells that consume large amounts of energy often generate many free radicals. Here, these free radicals represent a form of oxidative stress on the tissues and organs responsible for the reproductive function in the male. Thus it is useful to use dietary supplements with the proper antioxidants and metabolic co-factors that may help to reduce these stresses.

Proceptin is a proprietary formulation of nutritional supplements of fat and water soluble antioxidants, amino acid precursors and co-factors related to intermediary metabolism.It has the ability to provide these nutrients required to support successful male reproductive function.

Image Source: www.healthac.org
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