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Sperm Cell

Spermatozoa are a unique specialization of cells in men. A good way to describe a sperm cell is to think of it as an Apollo space shuttle, as each is comprised of three essential components; capsule, fuel tank, and propulsion unit.

The main function of the sperm is to carry the 18,000 male genes to the female’s egg, just as the Apollo capsule carries the astronauts on their mission. These genes represent the male's contribution to the DNA make-up of the hoped-for baby. The capsule also has a unique surface feature in its membrane which allows it to burrow through the shell of the woman's egg. Using the enzymes that are built into its surface, the sperm cell digests its way through the outer eggshell called the zona pellucida. The sperm cell is then able to enter into the main part of the egg, the ooplasm, achieving successful fertilization.

The second component of the sperm cell is the energy source. Think of this as the rocket's fuel tank, its sole purpose is to convert nutrients into energy. Without this the propulsion system would not have the energy to take the cell up the female genital track.
The third and final component of the sperm cell is the propulsion system. It is the whip-like structure of the sperm tail. It serves the important function of propelling the sperm cell forward with a snake-like motion. It is critical that sperm move forward and not laterally or in circles. The failure of sperm to move forward is described as an abnormality of sperm motility.

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