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Enhancing Male Fertility

Assisted fertilization is used for cases of severe male factor infertility associated with very low sperm counts, or sperm counts with very low proportions of moving sperm cells. Sperm cells may be placed directly into the egg itself by a process known as intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). Prior to the success of ICSI sperm cells were placed just inside the protective shell surrounding the egg to facilitate fertilization know as sub-zonal insertion (SUZI).

It should not be assumed that these complicated procedures are the only chance for infertile couples to conceive. Instead, through understanding both male and female infertility and sub-fertility, alternate and potentially simpler methods should be considered.

Nutrition and environmental factors play a major role in a man’s overall health, just as they play a major role in the health of his sperm. Lifestyle changes, such as quitting smoking, increasing exercise, and maintaining a healthy diet all promote these improvements. Nutritional factors are especially useful to improve sperm health.

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Several research studies have shown an improvement in sperm parameters as a result of taking specialized nutrients or nutritional supplements. An increased number of healthy sperms may increase a man’s potential to fertilize his partner’s egg. Treatment of the male with the right supplements may even be useful in cases in which the fertility problems are due to functional issues in the wife as endometriosis, immune or cervical factors. These nutritional supplements may help to repair and improve sperm quality. Proceptin® is a proprietary formulation of optimal nutritional supplements designed to support sperm function.
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